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I saw one on a 09 USB in the showroom. You can see where the 3m layer stops (barely), but that's probably better than rock chips all over the front end. After a while the clear layer will show chips and such but it'll save the paint over the long haul.

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Hey Rasputin,

I did a lot of research into the various "clear bra" products available for cars.
The 2 main contenders are the 3M product and VentureShield.
(a quick google search brings up this good info

In any case, I chose the VentureShield Product and had it installed by professionals in the Los Angeles Area.
( to be exact) The installers are very good and do anything you ask them.

I got a full hood wrap, front bumber, front side panels, A-pillars, side mirrors, side-skirt, full rear bumper, nav screen, and door handles.
Basically, I wrapped my car in a condom. :)
I have no fear driving behind semi's on the Freeway.
I also do lots of canyon runs with these guys here:
it's super fun, but rocks are flying everywhere. I have some dings on my windshield, but the entire paint on the front my car is fully protected. :)

In summary, I highly recommend getting a clear bra installed. The bare minimum's I would do are:
Full hood (you don't want the half hood and see the lines, it's tacky IMO)
Full front bumper
side view mirrors.
Everything else for me was because I wanted the extra extra protection.

Good Luck, enjoy the F!
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