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3M Clear Bra

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Hey I was just wondering how many people out there had the clear bra put on their IS-F???? Did it look great? Did it look so-so? Was it worth it? It seems to get mixed reviews on other forums all the way to bad installs to bubbles? Did you have the dealer do it?

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i got a full clear bra on my hood and my bumper from sticker city. It looks really good and I don't get anymore rock chips chippin my paint off. As far as for bubbles, you won't get any unless it was done by someone unexperienced. I got the whole set with installation for $750
i personally didnt get one but saw another car with it on.... was barely noticeable and that was only because they got the one that only goes up part way on the hood etc so you can see where the break is. i would imagine if they got on to cover the entire hood, you wouldn't even know it was there.
I got mine installed by the dealership and love it. You can't really notice it and it has saved my paint hundreds of times. I don't have any bubbling (knock-on-wood) but it was done by someone very experienced. Most dealerships do it, it would be a good place to start and get a good quote. I have it on my mirrors and full front bumper (except the lip). :cool:
It's barely noticeable on my smoky granite mica IS-F. Since I bought my car used, I didn't get it initially since the car already had some minor rock chips. However, over the first few weeks I noticed new chips so I decided to go ahead and get it installed. I've been very happy with it so far and had it on my 04 TL also and it seemed to hold up quite well for the nearly 5 years I had it.

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F
I chose to go with Armorcoat. It isn't a sticker like 3m. It is actually more like an epoxy. It is clear like the 3m tape and provides the same security from rock chips but has more strength to it. My buddy has a 911 Turbo with the 3m product on it and it has a tear from a rock that hit it. It did its job and protected the paint but now he has an ugly tear in the tape. Armorcoat is more like an extra thick clear coat. I think it stands up a bit better. It does cost more but I think worth the money. I had my brother's shop install it. It retails for about $1100. He sells both products and highly recommends the Armor over 3m's product, so much so he wouldn't let me put the 3m on my car and uses the same product on all of his cars.

Either way you go though the biggest thing is the protection of your hood. Both will do it, it just depends on what you really want out of it. I cant tell a difference when they are side by side for looks, but the tear on my buddies car is dissapointing because he is going to drop another 750ish to replace it, but I guess it's better than a new paint job.
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I have VentureShield clear bra installed on my IS F. This is my 3rd Lexus with Venture. Mine was installed locally here in SoCal by Aerotect.
I have it on all my cars.
Will it be noticeable with obsidian? If it is, then Armorcoat will be a better choice for me, although more expensive.
It shouldn't be a problem on Obsidian but if the film has a lot of an orange peel texture, you will definitely notice it.
Thank's for the info Flip! By the way, I'm a "Flip" myself, if you know what I mean. Longo is not far from me. Good to know I have a neighbor in this forum.
Will it be noticeable with obsidian? If it is, then Armorcoat will be a better choice for me, although more expensive.
Ask the dealership to show you an example. They should have a car around with it on, maybe one of the loaners they have on the lot or at least a small piece of a body with the 3m. Good luck. Either way it's a good investment.
Okay, I guess I'll go with Aerotect as well, since I'm also in SoCal. Hey Flip, how much did it cost you and what parts were covered?
I had the front bumper, headlamps, fogs, partial fender and partial hood, door handle pockets and nav screen protector done. PM me and I can give you more info.

I think Venture Shield is better than 3M. I've had both and the VS seem clearer. It really depends on the installer. Try Premier Protective Films in Fremont, CA, awesome work and very meticulous. It may be worth the drive out there. They work on high end cars mostly but price is similar to any 3M installer, maybe less.
3M owns Venture Shield/Venture Tape, but still offers both 3M protective films and Venture films for aircraft and automotive applications.
3M vs Llumar Paint Protection Film

I seem to be the only one that went with Llumar Paint Protection Film. It is similar to the 3M product, but the shop in San Antonio that has worked on all my cars recommended Llumar. It's got a lifetime warranty, I went with it on my Mercury Metallic IS F, and I am pleased with the results.
I've heard good things about Llumar. I think the reason why most went with the 3M is because it is sold at most places, especially dealerships. If your looking for a specific brand, such as Llumar or Venture Shield, your going to have to go to another shop and ask for that brand.

Personally, I just went with 3M because the dealer offered it and threw it in when I purchased the car :cool:
I have it on my ISF and now my wife wants it on her Prius.
I saw a 3/4 hood clear bra on a Ferrari 599 at the Ferrari dealer at the Wynn Hotel in Vegas and the line, even on red, was really noticeable (where the clear bra ends, that is). My concern is that on my black IS F, if I do anything other than cover the entire hood, the end of the clear bra line will be extremely noticeable. I've heard black is the worst color as far as noticing the line goes. Any thoughts on this?

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