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3000 mile IS-F review!

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Picked up my Black/black IS-F back on Jan 31st, and now have just over 3000miles on it so I thought I'd write up a quick review. I traded in my 06 IS 350 for the IS-F.

The only modification I've made to my IS-F is to have the windows tinted with 35% on all but the front window. It has been to the Lexus dealer a few times. Once to have the oil & filter changed at my request when the car reached 2500 miles though I understand the first scheduled service is not until 5000 miles. I tried to get it done at 1000 miles also but none of the local dealers had a supply of the IS-F oil filters in until I had about 2500 miles on the car. The other trips to the Lexus dealer have all revolved around my non-functioning ML sound system. A Lexus rep did meet me out at a Lexus dealer and we put the ML Amp from his IS-F car into mine which worked for about a hour. But I've not had time to take the car back in to have Lexus really track down the ML problem. I'd really prefer to listen to the wonderful sound of the car anyways :)

I've driven the car and played with the car in all six of the possible transmission modes. I find that I nomally drive in the normal mode to and from work, but anytime I am driving for pleasure I quickly shift into the manual/Sport option mode.

The brakes are fantastic and perform very well. I've yet to feel them fade even during some very hot canyon road driving, The pedal holds firm and the brakes are very predictable. You can go VERY deep into a corner without concern once you've practiced with the car.

The suspension is much stiffer then the IS 350, as it should be. There is very little body sway and the car points in very nicely. There is not the gross understeer that some writers have noted. I think that is just driver error on their part cooking the car into the corner and then trying to correct to late. Once you know how the car performs it very perdictable. The traction control kicks in far to early for me. I'd prefer, even in the normal mode, for there to be less computer controls. In Sport mode with traction on or off, it's a very very fun car to drive IF you know what you and or the car will or can do.

There are a couple of things I'd like to see changed or improved upon.
There is a 2 second response delay if you put the car under heavy acceleration while in the auto mode. Why? This time does go down to about 1second when in the Sport mode. The beauty of normal aspiration is direct response, unless the computer interferes again!!!! Change the mapping folks to correct this!!!

The car does not always shift out of second gear in auto or manual under heavy acceration. This could be car specific and made not be found accross the board. The dealer was unable to add or suggest anything to cure this at this time as they felt it was a programing thing! Again more computer !!!

The fourth or foot rest/dead petal should be level with the gas petal. Being lower then the gas petal causes the driver to reach for the foot rest with the toes or to contort ones body to gain leverge in high cornering situations.

Other then those few minor personal things and the deep desire for another 100 HP or so, the car is well worth the money and without question the most fun with a street car I've had in 20 years!!! LOVE the exhust sound !!!

To me the Lexus IS-F runs almost in a tie with the BMW M3, with the slight edge going to the Lexus IS-F because it's doesn't have the "I" unfriendly drive and I hope it never does, and though the MB AMG has about 35 more horsepower then the IS-F, IMHO the Lexus IS-F makes better use of all of it's attributes and is more fun to drive then the MB...... YMMV
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Thanks for the honest review haha. I enjoyed reading it.
I have noticed the same problem that under hard acceleration the transmission seems to hang up in second gear. From time to time it even seems to hit the rev limiter. It works OK in the manual mode.
damn, very informative and detailed. I'm only at 574 miles on my car since i only drive it like three days a week, considering how gas is outrageous over here. Anyways, its awsome so far. I love everything about it. Breaking system is awsome, and is VERY sensitive when your headlights are on. and everything about the car is just SO DETAILED and TECHNICAL. i love it ^^
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