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2x The ACTION!

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Finally last night I was reunited with my precious (then my girlfriend) after my overdue business trip. I had my brother drive down my car from the garage and pick me up in the IS-F along with my girlfriend. I began my hour long trip from the airport to my home and decided to stop at a burger shop on the way home. I had to make a U-Turn at the first light I ran into after getting off of the interstate. When then I look all the way to my left I see a 06 or 07 Porsche 911 Turbo about 4 car lanes away from me... As I am making the U-Turn I take another look to my left and see the 911 completely cut off traffic in order to make the same U-Turn that I am making (obviously it was as soon as he saw the car he cut traffic to follow me.) The driver was about 2 car lengths behind my IS-F as I put the car in Sport/VSC off and in manual mode. I pushed the pedal to the metal and the race was off!!! Surprisingly I maintained the lead till about 80 miles an hour down a smaller highway (overkill) then the driver of the 911 Turbo let off and made a U-Turn to get back while waving to me. He ended up only getting 1 maybe 1.5 car lengths behind me at the end of the minute run!

Now after the delicious burgers and back on the interstate a new SS Trail Blazer pulled up next to me and decided to take off... Big mistake! I gave him about 3-4 car lengths in front of me then I proceeded to punch it. Without realizing it, next thing I know I am looking at the speedometer and I hit right around 150 mph! I turn around and the SS driver is nowhere to be found =(.

I am EXTREMELY and let me stress EXTREMELY satisfied with the decision I made when purchasing this vehicle, as a matter of fact my hand is a little shaky just thinking about the performance that the IS-F gives... I certainly hope that everyone who owns this beast is having as much fun as I am with the car!:D :D :D
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whoops wrong forum, can a mod move this to General Discussion!
Sounds exciting! Glad you got back safely to be able to play around in the F. I'm pretty sure we are all having a lot of fun in the F :) I spanked a regular CTS the other day that wanted to race :)

Anyways, nice to have you back and continue to enjoy the car but be safe
new to site

hey guys i love the site.i have a 2008 blue/black isf loaded.Some help how do i make a new post.thanks
Welcome to the site! As your browsing the forums, click on the new member/introduction section. On the upper left hand side of the page you should see an icon that says "New Thread" click on it, type what you want to say and you have yourself a new thread :)
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