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Is your car lowered by any chance? Just curious as mine will be shortly.

On a side note about Club Lexus, I am a member there too and basically do not like a few of the folks over there as its full of snobs and folks who havent a clue about performance mods and also think you have to have posted more then 10 posts before you can share insight. This forum is slow to load but I get a lot more USEFUL knowledge here without the snobs and I appreciate it folks.
Agreed, however, It is NOT that they don't know about performance mods, in fact some are very knowledgeable. Some simply have ALL day to sit in front of the computer and banter back and forth. As you can see, my post usually take place early in the morning or late at night... i.e. family and work come first. The attitude of general arrogance turns people off. I honestly feel there are some people whom simply put are "internet bullies/tuffguys" with no serious social life to speak of. My cars are my "pleasure's, NOT my life. If I loose one today, I will buy a new one tomorrow, it's that simple too me. I "like" some of my cars more than others, but I LOVE none. As I have aged I have learned many things, first being family first, respect ALL second, and third but not last the famous 2 to 1 ratio... You are half as smart as you think you are and your father is twice as smart as you think he is.
1 - 1 of 39 Posts
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