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2015 Lexus RC F First Drive - VIDEO

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F Marks the Spot for Driving Pleasure
by Craig Cole

Here’s an automotive riddle for you: what two-door car is blazingly fast but doesn’t stop? Which one is cool to the touch and scorching hot at the same time?

I’m not describing the new Jaguar F-Type, a Porsche 911 or even Chevy’s Corvette. The car in question is actually a Lexus. The brand-new RC F is a high-performance coupe that’s got serious substance backing its style. It handles well, is blazingly fleet and because it’s a Toyota at heart it’ll never quit.
RC F You

Yep, believe it, this is a Lexus with attitude. This well-mannered luxury brand that’s known for selling legions of RX crossovers and ES350 sedans has built a coupe with the design, dynamics and on-track performance to compete with some pretty thorny rivals.

One glance at the spec sheet reveals the RC F’s got the right ingredients to go wheel-to-wheel with cars like the Audi RS5, BMW M4 and Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG.

In recent years the company has been on a mission to inject more passion into its product portfolio; they’ve been busier than an librarian with obsessive compulsive disorder and a jumbled-up card catalog. More aggressively styled vehicles, enthusiast-focused F-Sport models and the world-beating LFA supercar have proven that Lexus actually has soul, not just sensibility and the New RC F is the next step on this continuing journey.
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