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2013 Mercedes C250 Sedan Review - Video

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No automaker is immune to the ever-increasing call for greater fuel economy, not even Mercedes-Benz. One might think this highly regarded luxury brand would be able to elude CAFE legislation like mysterious aircraft hijacker B.D. Cooper has evaded police, but that’s simply not the case. Laws apply to everyone, even those that are more equal than the rest of us.

To keep pace with government decrees to save fuel and consumer desire cut costs, the company just dropped a turbocharged four-cylinder engine under the prow of its popular C-Class model, Mercedes’ top-selling nameplate in the United States. Has the patient survived this powertrain transfusion, or are drivers eternally banished to the slow lane? Thankfully there’s nothing to worry about; this car is ready for the Autobahn.
For more information about the 2013 Mercedes-Benz C250 and to watch the video review visit
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I wonder where to buy used Mercedes. My son keeps on bugging me and was planning to buy one on his graduation day.
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