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Praised as a true rival to the Lexus ES when it first debuted (though not by us), the Buick LaCrosse will soon be "laughable" as a competitor says one auto industry executive.

The unnamed individual dished the goods to the folks at the GMAuthority blog, commenting that the new ES will make significant strides in both fuel economy and refinement. It will reportedly be the quietest car Lexus has ever made, something Buick's Quiet Tuning won't be able to "hold a candle to". The new ES will also grow in size, both in length and width, though isn't likely to be as large as the LaCrosse, which is currently a half-foot longer than the Lexus.

Most importantly, however, is the fact that the ES will be offered as a hybrid (finally), delivering fuel economy in the high 40 mpg rating on the highway, with city mileage rated even higher. "The eAssist stuff [Buick's hybrid system] won't even come close," says the source.

As for exactly who the source is, the GMAuthority team won't say, but did confirm he (or she) is from neither GM, nor Toyota. Oddly, however, they were driving a LaCrosse.

More: 2013 Lexus ES Set to Turn Buick LaCrosse Into a Joke on
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