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I read the review on the LF-A. Sounds like he was writing a story than a review. He was too hung up on the available colors of the car, than the actual car itself. It's a shame because he sounded like he loved the car but, he was really trying really hard to find some fault in the LF-A. The price tag is argumentative and if you don't like the available colors.....ummmm...order it in black. DUH! The fact that they're even available as a no cost option is a plus, excluding the matte black, of course, who doesn't charge for that? And if you live in Florida, like I do, there are Lamborghini's and Porsche's in all different kinds of colors here, ranging from neon yellow to neon pink. Reading this review was like watching a movie that dragged on for an hour longer when it should've ended an hour earlier. In any case, thanks for the input.
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