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2012 ISF 295/30/19 tires on OEM wheels w/out rolling fender?

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Does anyone have any pictures of a 2012 F, with 295's on OEM wheels? I know the new wheels are 9.5" wide and several people have put 285's on the 2011 and earlier 9" wheels. I want to get PSS's and need to choose 275 or 295's(no 285's) and don't want to roll the fenders. I have seen some guys with 275's with an offset that makes the outside of the tire, outside the fender, which I don't want to have. Any pictures or suggestions would be appreciated.
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I don't see why 19's would need any rolling.
The width of a 295 is possibly so wide, that the fender would rub against the tire. My previous 2009 had OEM 255's and now adding 20mm on the inside and outside of a 255seems like it would be a very tight fit. I have seen a picture of a silver ISF with 295's on aftermarket rims that probably have a very specific offset to have the tire as far inside the wheel well as possible. I am trying to figure out if the 2012 rims have an offset that will keep the tire inside rather than protruding outside the wheelwells, when running a 295.
Is the car lowered? I had 285's on my stock rims and there was no way they were going to rub. Realizing you will have a little more with the 295's, as long as it is not lowered, I think you would be hard pressed. There is a member either on here or on Club Lexus that has 305's (not on stock rims) but I do not know if the fenders were rolled for them or not. I have 20's on and rolled but only an assumption but 19's rubbing would be a stretch to me. Let's see what others may say.
What I'm going to do is order a set of 275 and 295 PSS's for the rears and have one of each installed. Whichever one looks/fits best, I will keep. I will return the other set and pay the shipping costs and get refunded for the purchase price of the tires. Also, it has nothing to with being 19" or 20" diameter wheels as the OD will be the same after changing the profile size. It's strictly about whether the 295 protrudes outward to far. The 2012 wheels are 1/2" wider and as several others run 285's on 9" wide rims, putting a 295 on a 9 1/2"rim won't be a problem. Granted, tire manufacturers recommend a minimum 10" rim when running 295's, but there seems to be no problem with 285's on 9" rim's, according to several other members
For a very long time I was looking for information on this topic. Thanks to all!
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