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2011 ISF - Phoenix

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Hey all,

Just picked up my 2011 Ultrasonic Blue ISF a couple of weeks ago from Superstition Springs Lexus.

Was curious how many Phoenix ISF'rs are out there and if there is a club that runs in town?

What about blowing away the rice burners at Firebird on Friday nights. Anyone ever make it there to show them what I real 1/4 mile time is?

Let me know!
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Got my 2008 from them 2 years ago, also in December. AFAIK, there is no formal organization of F owners in this area.

Just curious but you consider the IS-F a muscle car because they stuffed a V8 in it? And be careful because when picking on small cars most packing power adders which will make them just as faster or faster than ours.
Check the Lexus Performance registry and see if anyone has registered in your area. Its on the Lexus website. register yourself as well, you now have a 4 door super car :)
welcome to th "F"amily!
Welcome to the site :)
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