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2010 White ISF lease transfer

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2010 White ISF with ML Audio, never modified, only 18000 miles, in excellent condition. There is one rock chip on the front winshield and front bumper.

Tires have been upgraded to Michelin Super Sport 2 245/35/19 front, 275/30/19 rear

Clear bra for front bumper, side kicker panels, rear quarter panel and 1/3 of the hood.

Windows tinted at 18% sides, 5% rear windshied and 50% front windshield.

10 months left on the lease, $870.50 per month, no down payment, just take over the lease.

Buy out is 41k, I'm not looking to make any return on it, getting rid of it because I just got a new car, thanks!

I can't post links as I don't have enough posts, contact me for lease trader link or pictures. Thanks.
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I'm in Memphis, TN.

I don't have carfax, but I can give you the vin to check on your own or link to leasetrader, I think they provide carfax. But you WILL be wasting your money, because there won't be anything on the report, haha.
Replied. :)
This car is gone, buyer in Cali

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Hi just saw this thread, I know it's been so back then but I saw someone asked about carfax. Did anyone ever tried this one? It says I will only pay $4.99 per report thanks in advance.
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