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2010 suspension vs. 2011 suspension

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Has anyone test drove or owns a 2010 model? If you drove both a 2010 and a 2011 please let me know what you thought of the suspension/ride.

I really want a 2011, mainly because of the suspension, howerver they are harder to find at the moment and the price is still above 50K.

The whole gauge cluster/alcantera is very cool IMO, howerver it's not a deal breaker.

I've driven a 2008 multiple times and drove a 2011 2 weeks ago and did notice some differences, I wanted some feedback from other members on that.
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Test drove a 2010 tonight, in all honesty, it felt better than a 2008 but I did not notice a whole lot of difference between this car's ride quality and the 2011.

Anyone else?
2011 and up is the answer.

I'm waiting for that or buying a new one.
well i haven't drove it yet but 2011 is far better then other models according to the reviews i heard from some of my friends .
i have not but loving the shares of the posts in this regard and if there is something suitable then i may get a fair idea to go for it
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