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It’s rather shocking to think that it’s taken Lexus so long to come out with a convertible version based on the IS sedan. And with the success of Lexus’s 3 Series competitor, you’d also think they would have built a coupe by now. Thanks to the new 2010 Lexus IS C, Japan’s premiere luxury brand now has both.

Offered as both a 250 and 350 model with either 204hp or 306hp, the new IS C is a serious competitor to the BMW 3 Series convertible, which until now has stood unchallenged in this segment. Sure Audi makes a convertible A4, but it’s a soft-top. And while Infiniti is bringing a drop-top version of the G37 to market, it’s not here yet.

More: 2010 Lexus IS250 C: First Drive on
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