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2010 IS F - Wald Mahora Wheels

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The Wald Wheel Collection, Featuring Mahora

I have Eibach springs... not sure if it's worth it... to lower or not to lower?

0.3" back 0.7" front
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Very nice. Definitely looks better lowered:

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Hey Flipside,
Is that the Walk kit on the silver IS-F? What kind of rims are those?
Yes. Work Gnosis wheels.
Are the front bumper vents from a CLK 63 Black Series? I really like the look of those on the ISF.
Hey Flipside... very nice ride!

What tire size is that and what springs did you use?

Did you have to roll the fenders?
Actually that is my friend Clark's IS F.

The tire sizes are 245/30ZR20 Front and 295/25ZR20 in the rear. It's currently riding in JIC Magic FLT-TAR coilovers and yes the rears are shaved.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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