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2009 with 105,000 miles

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I am considering buying a 2009 IS F with 105,000 miles, dealer maintained, all service records, 90K service; looks great, but I have not yet test drove

I am concerned with the mileage, but it was a daily commuter and was very well maintained
What types of future issues will there be, how many miles can I expect without issues?
I know Lexus are bullet proof, but is an IS F bullet proof ?
I appreciate any feedback
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They have been very reliable. Even with higher mileage. I would say go to Club Lexus and search for the high mileage thread. You will see
Its all varies.

Some guys use their cars as their DD and put a lot of miles on them. If the vehicle has mostly all highways miles on it and has be well maintained, then I wouldnt worry about it too much. I always look for a person that has all their maintenance records.

You should continue to look around, the low mileage 08 and 09s are out there. I just bought my 09 ISF with 31k miles on it on Saturday. To be safe, I had the lexus dealership do a comprehensive pre-purchase inspection. Even though they may not catch everything, they were able to look at a great deal of the items.\

You can also have lexus run the VIN number of the car to see if the owner had any maintenance work done with lexus.

Keep looking and be patient. Look at craigslist too as many people list there first as its free.
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Yes if you look carefully you will find a few low mileage cars out there, I stumbled on mine (2009 w 17k) just 2 weeks back myself. Ford dealership took it in on trade of all places !
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