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GTR is nice but....

I have a 08GTR and a IS350 (which is about to be replace with an IS-F in a few month...). To be honest, GTR is brutally fast and fun but for everyday driving in traffic and city, I prefere my Lexus anyday.

I think we all know the positives of the GTR but here are some of the negatives compaired to the ISF. 1. Ride, 2. in town the GTR can feel builky. The Lexus corners well in parking lots, etc but the GTR does not. Often, you need to go back and forth and cut your wheel many times..... 3. Quality of the car itself. Lexus makes better cars - hands down. 5. Service. No comparison in service between Nissan and Lexus. 6. Lexus in Japan seem more flexible where Nissan will voild your warrnaty for the smallest things.

If you intend to take any long trips, Lexus is better. That being said, if you want to hot rod around town, country roads, GTR is a must as it is alot of fun and get's a lot of attention. But ISF is more comfortable and much better as a car in general. It all depends on what you want as they are both great cars but very different.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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