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2009 leftovers - incentives? Aggressive pricing

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Anybody hearing of the $49K - $50K pricing that we saw last year? there are two blue ISF's 09's sitting around on dealer lots in my area. They have had these cars a very long time!
Maybe I'll try and fine a like new preowned ISF - just that so many have "stories" or have been tracked, modded, etc... I just want a ultra clean stock car. Seems preowned examples are selling in the low 40's now.
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I just got a pre-owned 09 with 6K miles from my local dealership...Lexus of Albuquerque. It stickered at $61.7K new and I got it for $47.2K. It was a little more than what I wanted to spend but they gave me $10K for my 03 IS300 which put it in range. I know that they still have a couple 09's that they siad they could sell "at around" invoice which I think is around $54K. A 5K incentive would put you right there at 49K. Good luck!

My car was purchased new in July of 09 for Lexus of Albuquerque...the owner traded it in for a lower payment in January. I got it last weekend. They had it right around a month and I have been working on the price that whole time.

It seems that the pre-owned examples you are looking at must be 08's. I have made offers on several in the past two weeks. I offered $43 on an 08 with 11K miles...they refused it. I offered $42 on an 08 with 15K miles...they said $43.6. I was working on an 09 with 3K miles and we got it down to $47K but they didn't want my car so that was the deal breaker. There is another 09 that was at $46.9 but that was not good enough to make my fly out to look at it. There are a lot of cars out there but it seems that most are pretty firm in price.
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ISF deals

Those all seem like solid deals for 2009's given you are going after Lexus Dealer cars. I doubt that I will see the $5K cash to dealer incentive again in my area. My dealer tells me that in my entire midwest five state area there are only three new left over 2009's - not enough inventory to drive the incentive.
If anyone sees a pre-owned 2009 or 2010 that is (perferably black)perfect (I am very particular) let me know. I am happy to fly and drive home. But I am also willing to wait for the right deal.
I don't know if it helps, but I got a new 09 for 49.9K (sticker 61.9) in January. I will be happy to refer you to the same dealer, although it was the last one I think
I was down at Lexus of Albuquerque today getting my F washed and noticed that they have moved the 09 Ultrasonic Blue IS-F off the showroom floor and it's now sitting outside. I guess it wore out it's might be worth a shot. I think they still have a couple 09's up in Santa Fe too. Call them up and ask for Vince.
I just picked up a brand new 09 usb with ml nav for 50k. In California.
I just picked up a brand new 09 usb with ml nav for 50k. In California.

Congrats!! Post pics!!:D
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