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2009 F1 Season

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I'm not sure if anybody follows Formula One around here. If you do you'll love the Boston Globe's "The Big Picture" series today. Some really great shots from the 2009 season so far.

The Big Picture - 2009 Wet and Dry Season

Finally Toyota is showing some promise!
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the way things are shaping up it looks like brawn is probably going to finish 1st unless my beloved ferrari can get their shit together. i've always liked jenson button, its about damn time he was in a winning car. vettel is my favorite young driver and its good to see him doing well.

i still have a feeling tho that later in the year, it will, once again, be "Kimi Time" haha

my favorite driver is raikkonen. the iceman.
I follow F1 intently, in fact I was in rained out Malaysia. And I'll get my tickets for Singapore soon. I'd like to see what happens in the beginnig and at the end. I'm really happy for Brawn and Button, new world order taking place. I'm also excited for Red Bull, Vettel is damn good. Of course it's also about time Toyota comes up with some wins. I think Maclaren will have a better shot than Ferrari. Ferrari is just so out of it I can't believe it. The mistake they made on Kimi during the Malaysian GP is unherad of.

Do you guys follow A1? Who supplies the engine now? Ferrari. I wonder if Ferrari is testing the waters for another series. I think Ecclestone in F1 is just too much of a rip off.
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