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2008, Obsidian IS F for sale, 4200 miles

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Economy is taking a toll on us too. I need to downsize my car. :(

Here are its features:
  • Obsidian Black with black seeats with blue stitching
  • Purchased new in May 2008
  • Mark Levinson audio (awesome!)
  • Nav
  • Parking sensors

The only option it doesn't have is radar cruise control.

It's in excellent shape. Full disclaimer: the wife hit a curb and street sign and we wound up with a new bumper, tires, and wheels. Drive quality is unaffected. Aligned to within Lexus specs.

I just added Ferodo front brake pads (see my post in the brakes section) and they're working very well, possibly a little firmer than stock, which I like. I think my one track day depleted most of the original pads, if you're wondering why it needed pads so soon. I've been wondering myself and that's the only explanation I can think of.

I only have one pic, from my cell phone, but will post more soon. (The attached picture was taken this morning, 6 May 2009.)

The Edmunds value (for "clean," not excellent) is $51,668. The kbb value (at good, not excellent) is $50,560. I'll offer it at $50,000 even.

And that's not a mistake; it only has 4,200 miles. I live about 3 miles from work and work only 9 days every two weeks, plus we use the wife's car a lot on the weekends, so mileage is kept very low.

Feel free to ask questions. You can contact me through this forum, email me at [email protected], or call my cell at (404) 915-5964. I have limited access to these last two during work hours.

The car is in the Atlanta area. Prospective buyers are welcome to come see it.



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Other features

Oh, I forgot to mention it also has

  • A dealer-installed, Sirius satellite radio receiver with a lifetime subscription pre-paid,
  • Window-tinting (don't know percent, but I'd say medium darkness), and
  • Invisible shield on nose and mirrors.

I plan to post some photos tonight.

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One of my friend was searching for Obsidian with black and also with good condition. I will recommend your quotes regarding Obsidian to my friend and if he wishes he will buy soon.
Parking Sensor
One of my friend was searching for Obsidian with black and also with good condition. I will recommend your quotes regarding Obsidian to my friend and if he wishes he will buy soon.
Parking Sensor
Price Reduction!

To stimulate interest, now offering the car for $48,000.
Please let your friends and family members who might be interested know.
That's a bummer. But good luck with your sale.
You know what? Screw it! I'm keeping my baby.

The car is no longer for sale.

Why the change of heart? I'm not sure. Something about seeing it there at Nalley Lexus in Atlanta after they washed it and pulled it into the waiting area. Some Army guys were checking it out. Everyone was asking if I loved it. And damn if I didn't. And I realized I had spent a lot of effort to determine this was my ideal car. After driving countless BMWs, Porsches, Infinitis, Nissans, and a Corvette or two. No point throwing it away now just to save a few bucks.

Anyone interested in a cyber gray, manual Camaro 2SS/RS? I'll either cancel my order or let someone else buy it since I'm getting it at a good discount.

I'm back, baby!
Awesome! Glad to hear it and welcome back!
My cousin might be interested in the Camaro. Glad to hear your keeping the ISF.
In the long run, the Lexus will save you money over the Camaro!! (At least you can keep telling yourself that!!) Maintanance and gas mileage will save you lots!!

Good Choice
Not only that, but I think I'd get sick of the Camaro after 2 or 3 years, once its styling wears off and there are millions of them on the road. Then I'd want a replacement - maybe a 2013 IS F!
Now that I'm thinking of it, I've already seen more 2010 Camaros on the road (6 or 7) than IS Fs (0). Plus I suspect a Camaro would start to fall apart after 5 years. My five-year-old Lexus will still be nice. Jinx.
I got mine brand new for 51,000 you arnt going to sell it at that price
Actually I've had offers close, in the mid 40s. In fact I had one trade-in offer for 44k.
Sounds like you got a bargain. Mine was 59 or so new.
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