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2008 Obsidian/Alpine IS-F!

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I wouldn't consider myself "new" here as I've been lurking for a while, and most certainly not new to Lexus or the car enthusiasts scene... but here I am with my latest car upgrade and whole new list of mods that I hope to complete some day...

I brought her home last weekend after a 300miles round-trip drive from Northern VA to PA. Though black is not my first color of choice (very hard to keep clean and I like my cars CLEAN), but I fell in love with the alpine interior!

anyway, enough chatter.... here are a few pics. 2008 with 26K miles.

Short list of mods for this season:
Joe-Z exhuast: acquired
Joe-Z intake: acquired
Lowing springs: debating between H.Tech & swift
35% tint all around: getting installed
remote starter/alarm: getting installed

I don't think I'll be doing much else besides that for this year... I'd rather spend the money on getting the car paid off. I'm super excited about this car and it's been a joy to drive every morning.

and to finally commemorate my previous car that introduced me to the Lexus family:

Thanks for viewing! :)

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Nice looking cars. That is a good list to star with for up grades.
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