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I am considering an 2008 ISF. My concern is with the contraversial topic of suspension. Is the ride harsh or not? That seems to be the dilema.

In the Car & driver article half reviewers had a problem the others did not mention it. I think the discrepancy boils down to point of reference of the reviewer. If coming from an ls460 ,cadillac dts or mercedes sedan ( couch on wheels ) then I am sure the ISF would come off as harsh.

So it would help me a great deal if memebesr who have experience with the ISF and other vehicles could give their opinion as comparing the two.

I have experience with the gen I IS300, BMW 335i sport suspension, audi TT, 2003 Bmw M3, 300zx Acura TL 2008 & 2010. Porsche Cayenne T and a number of others.

I am leaning towards a more compliant ride. One that can be used as a daily driver and not drain ones energy by fighting with the car or being jarred around during a trip and feeling every pothole, railroad track or defects in the road.

If the ride is classified as Harsh how costly & easy is it to fix with suspension swapping? Can the ride be brought into the realm of compliant?

Thank-you for your help
There is a difference from all the test drives I've conducted lately.

The 2011's will take a dump in price soon, as the 2013's are rolling out in Ocober. (was told by a Lexus Dealership)

Wait a few more months for a 2011.
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