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Hello everyone,
Thought to ask people who have isf experience. Bought a 2008 isf recently. Great car. Only 2K miles. Amazing ride. Problem is that the gas tank from top to bottom only holds a max of 14.5 gallons. (Using my gas receipts) The estimator says 280 miles capacity when tank is completely full. Manual states the tank is 16.9 gallon capacity. Read other reviews which says their indicator states 300 some miles tank capacity when full. My average reading is 20.5 miles per gallon and I've been driving like a grandma (no offense to grandmas). Am I missing something here? Once the electronic guage says "zero miles" left is there still about 2 gallons left of fuel. Its driving me crazy. Keep driving from full to empty and keeps giving me the same readings. Thinking that there is some defect somewhere. Any help on enlightenment would really be appreciated.
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