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2008 IS-F Brochure is now here! PICS

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I got my copy of the 2008 Lexus IS-F brochure the other day directly from Lexus. It's a 16 page layout taken all in California. Some of the shoot locations ranged as far north as Infineon Raceway in Sonoma, the Mojave Desert at Willow Springs and Downtown LA.

The production team of the IS-F brochure was first class. The photography team that did the photoshoot came all the way from Germany. They have worked all over the world including working with other European car makers. The most notable one was with the BMW M line. Being most of the crew was from Germany, they all drove BMW back in their homeland! LOL. It was interesting to see how the photos were taken and how they quickly made it to their computers to edit just a few moments later.

I'm proud to say I helped with the selection of some of the photos and layout in the brochure including some verbage. The photoshoot in Downtown LA was alot of fun. It was defintely an experience. The brochures should have been shipped out to dealers by now.
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We recieved them on monday, they are stunning!
Those brochures are awesome!! We have had them for a while.
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