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2008 Acceleration

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Does anyone else have a response issue with the gas pedal on the 2008 ISF in auto mode with sport mode active? When driving, if I gun it, it's like the car has to think for a second before it goes...what's up with that? Maybe the computer learned wrong from the first owner? Unplug battery and reteach?

I was spoiled by driving my friends new C63 AMG, the car responds immediately.
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My 2009 IS F have the same moment but from low speed. If i have 140km/h+ beast responds immediatly. If i have less than 100km/h IS F think one second before start.
In my opinion car is build this way...
I have a 2009 and have the same issue as well.
I had a company called JMO do a performance rebuild of my Honda Prelude torque converter in the day...was expensive but improved performance dramatically...wonder if something similar could be done for the IS-F...
actually it's cheaper to slap it into manual mode for some hot rodding...was just curious if this was a lexus issue and it sounds like it is!
It's the drive by wire technology. 1sec delay is normal for Lexus. Buy the blitz controller. That will solve your problem.
Thanks for the tip, this thing is hard to track down...did you get yours for less than 430?

Also, do you have a picture of where the little unit sits in your car?
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