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19s or 20s?

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OK everyone, I am in the market for some wheels.....but I am not sure what diameter to go with. I like how the car sits now on the stock 19s. I am still searching for pictures of IS-Fs with 20s to see how they look. I have seen a 250 with 20s and didnt really like it. not sure what style, but I know I want some HREs or iForged or something like them. 3-piece? nice lip?

do you guys think 20s are too big for our Fs?
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19's without lip will be fine and 20's with lip would look just right. Personally, I prefer rims without a lip, so 19's for me.
^^The lip consideration is a very valid point and an important consideration. You can find wheels that are 20's that look like 19's and 19's that look like 18's. If you're looking at 19's, you have to consider the brakes and make sure the wheels clear the calipers...I'm running 20's and love the look :cool:
I've seen your car and it's super clean. It makes me wanna go with 20s. And I love the look of the split spoke design. I'm thinking a split 5 or split 7 but not sure what brand. Prolly iForged unless I find something else I like. I'd like to see Strasse's other models.
find a rim you really like the look of and then make a list of pros and cost, fitment, etc...maybe that can help you narrow it down...

for me, someone made the design for me and i'm kind of happy with what i got...specially for the price...

the only gripe i have about my rims is that the offset and tire combo makes the rim stick out a bit in the rear (hella flush style???) and rock chips off the paint...kinda irritates me

but i'm still happy with the overall look...
I've seen your car and it's super clean. It makes me wanna go with 20s. And I love the look of the split spoke design. I'm thinking a split 5 or split 7 but not sure what brand. Prolly iForged unless I find something else I like. I'd like to see Strasse's other models.
Thank you for the comment. There are a tone of split spoke designs available in one, two and three pieces. Strasse forged is working on their site however they do have two facebook pages with their wheel designs on them :cool: You just have to continue to search until you find something you really think is going to look awesome on the car. The best thing about Strasse is they build your wheels to order so no fitment issues ;)
What's the difference between one and three piece designs?
One piece designs are when the entire wheel is one single piece while three piece designs are where the wheel has three separate pieces that are put together.

I just found the below link for you to help explain the wheel process more deeply :cool:
haha, i know that part lol. i should have been more specific and said the pros and cons..
Then that was my interpretation of the question, pardon me.

Here you go man, a site a frequented most when deciding on my wheels describes the pros and cons. Remember, with wheels, it's all relative to the brand and how they're made so saying three piece wheels are lighter than one piece wheels might not always be the case depending on the manufacturer and making process.
The most common types of wheels in the market today are similar but share a lot of differences and have pro’s and cons about them. Here is a breakdown of the different types:

One-Piece Wheel
One piece wheels are cast, forged or roll forged in a mold in one complete piece. It is the most common in the industry, because it's inexpensive and looks good.
Pro: Inexpensive, allows for design flexibility, sturdy construction and most common in the market
Con: Heavier than other designs, casting has less load capacity than forged. Limited offsets and widths, but many manufacturers are producing more size capabilities.

Two-Piece Wheel
Two piece wheels are lighter in weight than one piece wheels, and the rim is forged and the center is made in low pressure casting machines and the center is either bolted or welded together. Typically this wheel is designed for performance.
Pro: Lightweight, Improved vehicle handling and custom offsets and various widths are manufactured.
Con: More expensive than one piece wheel designs, and the outer rim can be more easily damaged.

Three-Piece Wheel
Three piece wheels have a separate center and two separate outer barrels (the inner and outer halves) and the face also noted as the hoop. They use aircraft quality bolts to hold them together and many use forged components to reduce weight and improve strength. This gives the manufacturer greater flexibility and makes a truer fit to the vehicle.
Pro: Lightweight, Improved vehicle handling, Wheel offsets and widths are manufactured to the make and year of vehicle, unlimited design options, billet or forged center.
Con: Very Expensive, The wheel can be damaged easier.

If you are looking for an everyday driving wheel without breaking your bank account then a one-piece wheel will do you fine, but if your building a tuner car and weight is a major issue then consider a two or three piece wheel design.
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thanks, i appreciate the help
Great info BigMike! I didn't know that the 2 and 3 pieces are more susceptible to damage.
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