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I have run for winter G Spider's and X Package rims from the IS250/350 in 18's no problem

Top my knowledge the F-sport will not fit in 18 and 19 in factory off sets. I believe the front spokes will hit the calipers. I will also assume that being race tires you do not want spacers.

The X-package are staggered and the G Spider's I had were not - but they all fit in 18's. You can get G Spiders staggered as well.

X Package
Size: 18 x 8 inches Fronts & 18 x 8.5 Rears
Bolt Pattern: 5-114.3
Offset: 45 mm Fronts / 50mm Rears
Weight 27.30 lbs Fronts / 27.75 lbs Rears

G Spiders
Size: 18 x 8 inches F/ 18x8.5 R
Bolt Pattern: 5-114.3
Offset: 45 mm F/ 50mm R
Weight 27.65 lbs F/ 28.35 lbs R
Accepts TPMS Sensors

Using the off-sets above are very safe and you will have no clearance issues at all.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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