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1/4 mile

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so this isnt a performance mod really....but i just picked up a new ipod touch, and got myself dynolicious. many people say its pretty accurate. so after two tries, one with bad bad wheel spin and one good run i ran a 14.43 and a 13.26

figuring these were slow times i went lookin on the internet for elevation correction factors. it is currenty a perfect 14C (58F) outside....and my elevation is 2195ft........2200 for a nice number.

a few of the top hits in google reveal that for my altitude, a .9744 second and 1.0269 mph correction is needed. so i would be at 12.28 @ 113.4mph

car is decently light on fuel....1/4 tank, i have had my car on a scale so the weight should be correct, i minus'd 20lbs cuz thats what i estimated i lost from when i weighed it... and i have the K&N and JoeZ exhaust....i also shifted a bit short to keep in the torque a bit more....shifted around 6300...

can anyone shed some more light on this?
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nevermind i'm stupid....your supposed to MULTIPLY your 1/4 mile by .9744 and 1.0269....duhhhhhhh lol

12.92 @ 115

makes a bit more sense now...
Mph is really good...
Thanks for posting your results, I've been wanting to see how the F reacts to mods for a while.

Unfortunately it doesn't appear that your times are any faster than a stock car although it may dyno higher.

Now go buy a blitz throttle controller and do it again, lol.

When you ran the 1/4, did you turn off the nanny controls or just run it in daily driver mode?
i had traction control off, sport mode, manual shifting. i think the biggest problem is traction, my 60 foot was 2.6 seconds. compare to all those running mid 12's have 1.9xx to 2.0xx to 2.1xx 60 foot times. once i actually figure out the perfect launch that should shave loads off the 1/4.

by my math running a 12.83 would be equal to 12.5 at sea level, which is where i'm not mistaken that 12.385 run came from. but he was also using drag radials.

so just by shaving....say 0.5 off my 60 foot.....just by that i'll be down 12.7-12.8. but i know that 5 tenths off of a 60 foot equals more then 5 tenths at the 1/4.....i just dont know the exact calculations, and i havent really been able to find any concrete formulas.

but once again....dynolocious.... garage419 tested it to be .04 off of the real time, and it was actually slower then the drag strip time (15.61 strip vs 15.65 dynolicious) but yes it is all interesting.
All true but the mph doesn't lie about the potential of what is there. I assume you were on it the whole time and not letting off near the end.

If the performance mods were really helping the car, I'd hope/expect to see it closer to 120. I'm just not bought into that mods help make the car faster than what lexus has accomplished in stock form.

But like I said, thanks for posting and GL to you.
with the 25 or so horsepower from exhaust/intake i dont think its going to pick up 7mph by the 1/4 mile...i could be wrong but that just seems like a bit much to me......maybe if i didnt shift at 6300 it would have been faster
Has anyone used a wider tire when running 1/4. If i can recollect correctly, the M3 standard tires are 265 vs our 255.
yes, and weirdly enough the c63 runs on 255/35/18's
playing with dynolicious again today. nevermind that its 10C (49F) outside....burrrrrr cold pavement.

i put more gas in, about half a tank, and that helped my launches less wheel spin. i averaged around 13.2 but my best pass was as follows

2.45 60' @ 30.8mph
8.69 1/8 @ 90.3mph
13.01 1/4 @ 116.2mph

so as you can see....mods do seem to help the ISF......i cant say i was expecting a 116mph trap. speed....also with this run i had to lift at the end of 1st and squeeze into second to avoid wheel spin. so dropping my 60' by .15 i dropped .25 off the 1/4 with a lift before second.....

i need some fat tires
this is strange....the graph reports a [email protected]


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