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Thanks for all the input guys!

Does anyone find the park assist helpful? It's all audible warning right? No visual indicators except for the rear view backup camera in the nav?
I like the park assist at least as a second opinion to the backup camera. It is especially useful to judge distance when parking. With the Nav system, it puts up icons that flash on the nav screen when you get close to objects. The frequency of beeping/flashing tells you how close you are. I think the threshold for the fast beeping is 3 feet, IIRC.

One minor disappointment for me is that I don't think it warns you about curbs. That would be really nice, especially to protect the air dam in front.

I'd agree with the previous posters to go with the 08. It will make the depreciation much easier to take. One advantage of the black interior is that I imagine the seats will be a lot easier to keep clean than the alpine. I've never had a white interior, but I imagine it is pretty difficult to keep up.

Good Luck,

08 Smoky Granite Mica IS-F (Black Interior)
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