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'09 Starfire Pearl

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A bit late with pictures, uploading on the forum is just a pain in the ass. So here is a link.

2 coats of wax. Detailed to perfection. 700km on the odometer. Windows get tinted on Friday.
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Lookin' Good:eek:

needs tint :(
Awesome color. Now add more miles to it! :D
miles = wear and tear :(
miles = wear and tear :(
What's the point of buying a car if you can't enjoy it? The car was designed to be driven, not parked in the garage all year. :D
ssssshhhhh. i'll decide.
Couldn't agree more....tinted within 2 days and it's 2 weeks now and 1100km's on the in oz and have only seen one other is=f on the in Sydney and am a bit suprised but at $138k on the road I don't expect to see them at every intersection!!!love driving it though and have smoked 2 m3's, and 4 numerous wanabe' it!
Do Canadian models come from factory without DRL,s . I know that was my first mod.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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