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08' to10' ISF Picture thread (Post ur pics)

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ISF Pics! Reply back with pics
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'08 MM, recent pics :cool:

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Sweet look Man !!!:)
Mike that car looks AWESOME!!
how do i add pics ill put my sgm '10 up for you all
^^Thanks guys!

is-fowner, to add pics click on the little picture above this text box that's of a yellow background with grey mountains. Have the link from your photo hosting site (such as or another photo hosting website) copied and just paste it in the text box that opens up when you press the yellow background/grey mountain picture.
Haha and the pots calling the kettle black!

This was before tinting, I am waiting on my lip and fog HID's before I do my next shoot. I am really thinking 3k's but I just don't know, any suggestions?
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favorite photo of my beast.

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is that you or the stig double?
technically neither. but its my car, and my racing gear. there is actually a girl in the suit in the picture.
I see some of you guys are from Texas. I'm from Houston and new to the IS F scene. Would definitely like to see some in person.
I guess the assumption is that forum members would only be interested in the pics of my 2011 F after I've made 10 posts.....
Feeln' blue

One mod down. I wanted to put them else where but a post on ClubLexus had them already so I had to find a new place for the lights.


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1 - 20 of 26 Posts
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