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08 SGM IS-F with Lexus G-Spider rims and winter tires

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Hey Guys,

It is a nice day around Chicago so I did my usual routine every weekend by washing the car. Since it's so nice out, I decided to take a few pics for you all with the G-Spider rims. The tires are Nokian All-Weather G2's, 235-40-18 all around. I know a lot of guys swear by blizzacks and a few other winter tire, but I swear by these. Not to many people know about them, but I had them on my 06 GTO and they worked miricles. Hope the pics turned out good. Ill try and get some up with the stock rims as well. Enjoy


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Wow that's good to know they clear the ISF's bbk.
Where at in Chicago? I'm in the northwest burbs by Schaumburg.
I live in Orland Park, however, I work in Lisle right off of 88 and Naperville Rd.
Good choice of tire! I'm running those on my winter car! They're good enough, but not awesome, at least not in Toronto they're not.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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