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08 Limited Edition Neiman Marcus 04 of 50 for sale

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Its sad to say this guys, but I am selling my 2008 Neiman Marcus 04 of 50 Lexus ISF. If you dont know already this car has different rims, and semi-white steering wheel. The Neiman Marcus Edition were the first 50 ISF's built. That would make my car the 4 ISF to roll out of the factory. I have 22,000 miles. IF YOU INTERESTED PLEASE CHECK OUT:

Also if you know anybody in the market for this car, please help spread the word.

I will also throw in the Tom's Throttle Control!!!


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Listing is no longer available...
How much are you asking? I just bought a NM special build last week...
It is currently on ebay for sale. So please just follow the link. It should be working now
Link is back up. Good luck on the sale. If I hadn't just bought mine, I'd be certainly looking at snagging it from you.

I'm gonna have to call SCAM here...I thought the pictures looked familiar and sure enough the pics in this thread were stolen from my local lexus dealership in Clearwater, FL...The car pictured is actually #5 of 50 and I've seen it in person several times and test drove before I bought my current NM F last week...unless there is something I'm missing this guy should be banned.

Looks to me like the ebay listing contains stolen pics from both the below cars for sale:

Here's a link to the real car for sale:
The Auto Trader Add and the eBay listing are the same car. VIN 0434, NM 04 of 50. The Clearwater Lexus is a different VIN. The Auto Trader seller and the Ebay seller my be the same guy:confused: The Clearwater is for VIN 0483. NM 05 of 50. The OP needs to explain.

I used the pictures that they had on there, since they have better quality. I do however how a picture of my badge on there that proves it is 04 of 50 as well as the vin number. The cars are identically the same and there is no difference between the pictures and my car. The second link to the autotrader website is my car, as you can see the quality of it is not good, So sorry for the inconvenience, but if you want to see the real car check the autotrader listing, because it is my car, only thing that have changed is the price and miles and the number. Also if you take a look at the AutoTrader listing those are the real pictures of my car but the quality of the pictures suck. The AutoTrader also has wrong miles and price.
Alright bad...anytime i see "borrowed" pictures I think scam...You'd probably be better off taking some better pics of your own car though...good luck!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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