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08 ISF airbag light

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Hi guys,
have a 08 ISF and yesterday my airbag light went on cause i hit a pit hole (no damage to vehicle), but the light is on now. shut the car off and on nothing fixed it. disconnected the battery for 30mins and still problem is there. how can i reset the the airbag ecu? i was trying to get into the maintenance menu like stated and used on the 06 IS350 and it doesnt seem to work for my F. am pressing the menu, volume, tap top left , bottom left, top left, bottom left of the screen and that menu doesnt show on my F!?!?!? is it different on the F? how to get that hidden menu to show? cause i noticed some pics on the internet where you can reset error messages from that menu.

hope someone can help?
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I have no idea for the secret menu bu the dealer should get it sorted quickly
Sensor might went bad.

Is the car under warranty? If so, take it in.

I've owned Japanease cars all my life, airbag light should not come up because of a pot hole.
Car should still be under warranty for this but get it checked out by dealer.
I had my light on. My car is under warranty. It didnt cover the fix. Paid 170. THey had to reconnect some wires. I assume the previous owner had something done .
You must take this to the dealer to reset the light. Since the airbag system is a safety feature, you can't reset it by simply unplugging the battery or reseting it through on board diagnostics.
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