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Well guys believe it or not because i cant even believe it my self i actually won a shelby gt 500 with 540 horse power it was bone stock.. but still im amazed!. i was in love with my corvette but now Fuck the corvette lol
this was my First race in my is-f and i loved it.

i won off the line 2 car length's?

then a free way race from 60 to 120... i still beat it??.. and he was at the end of my driver door

don't understand how??.. guessing the guy was a Bad Stick driver?

and the isf 8 speed transmission made me win the race

if anyone else has any other guess's why i won this race Reply back lol
I definitely believe it, I raced a 996 Porsche c4s and laid like 10 car lengths on him while another ISF owner on this board was following. I can honestly say that the ISF launches stronger than my mb cls55 and on par with the 996porsche turbo I owned. A few days ago I hit 120mph with 4 people in my car playing with a fairly modded Mitsubishi evolution 8, I lost the guy with out really trying.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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