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08 coupe M3 vs 08 IS-F! almost

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Ok so I'm heading home from college, and I see this M3 coupe 2 cars head of me and he switches lanes and redlines it.(This guy was flying) So I get in that lane and speed after him and catch up. As we stop at the redlight I can see him in his rear view mirror shaking his head at me, like I am no match or something. So as it turns green I stick behind him, going fast but keeping distance you know. Then he moves to the far right lane as I go to to turn left, this guy is shaking his head at me and giving me the thumbs down! Man this was Irvine Center Drive, right behind the spectrum in Irvine, CA, so cops are always around, or else I would have taken him on. This guy pissed me off so much, I have dark tints so I guess he didn't see me smiling at his dumba**! I should have rolled it down and gave him the finger! Anyways wondering if you have had similar experiences!? And is the M3 faster than the F, it kind of seemed to pick up faster, but that may be because I was like 5 cars back when I started to chase his punk a** down, and he was probably in top gear, because it was sure flying. Feedback would be appreciated.
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awesome story, as well as race, don't worry about them, really they don't know that if you go a rolling start then it might a be a little more tough to be but it will almost be neck and neck, but if you start from 0, and go you will most likely beat him off the start, you will have plenty more chances to race around m3's and what not they are everywhere now
That probably would have been a really close race. Whether the new M3 is quicker then the F would start up an entire debate on which is the better, quicker car etc. etc.

I would say the M3 is a track machine, it handles like no ones business while the C63 is a straight line beast and the F has a good mix of both. A lot of reviews, videos, and from personal experiences against M3's, would say that most of the time it is going to come down to the drivers. If the driver really knows how to beat his M3, then it will pull ahead of an F and vice versa. They are on the same playing field imo.

I've had a similar experience. We were cruising down the street and I was just going with traffic and passed him. I look behind me and he's flying through traffic. He pulled up next to me and downshifted and I let him take off (speed limit was only 35, not worth jail time). Catch up to him at the light and we both made a left and punched it. I started behind him but didn't lose any ground and didn't gain any either. He turned and didn't even look at me, guess he thought he woulda lost me.
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I had a backroads jaunt with an new M3 for about 18 miles. Both cars are pretty evenly pitted. He could stick with me, but never felt like he was moving on me. we took it up to 120 in some places and both cars seemed at home. Always fun to run against a worthy adversary ;)

without competition, nothing would happen.
this guy is shaking his head at me and giving me the thumbs down!
You knew what you were doing. Definitely it wasn't worth getting a ticket and chance of impounding. Usually I try to ignore these people. Only time I drive like an @--hole is when I'm in a bad mood or when other drivers piss me off. I just cut them and box them in or high beam them from behind. But other then that I just ignore challenges and I only race(mess around) with friends that I'm familiar with their driving style.
seriously I didn't know your car could get impounded?:eek: Anyways now I'll be even more reluctant to race.:( But that wont stop me from unleashing the F'n beast for personal pleasure!:D :cool:
Depending on where you are and how serious of a crime you committed. For example if you get caught street racing in Long Island, NY you get your car impounded and crush from what I read in another post.
yup that was my post i read about it in newsday.
ya, in los angeles, if they tag you for reckless driving, they impound your car and revoke your license... not fun.... racing would fall under the reckless driving category. i got a ticket couple years ago on the freeway and the cop was nice and wrote it for 92mph (i was going 95). he said if he wrote if for the 95, it would fall under reckless driving so he was cutting me some slack... luckily, i wasn't racing anyone, just needed to get somewhere fast
LA is the worst place to speed. You get pulled over by a local comp and he gives you a ticket. A block down a CHP pulls you over and gives you another ticket for the same thing. CHP = major @--holes.
Here in Canada getting caught Street Racing for the first time will get your car impounded at the spot for 48 hrs and lisence suspended automatically for 48 hrs. 2nd time getting caught is harsher with car impounded for 30 days and lisence suspended for at least 2 years. I know the consiquences cuz I've experienced it. I have been caught once racing my Audi A4 vs my buddies Lexus IS300. It wasn't pretty getting caught. Then I have had my S2000 impounded for 30 days for a cop suspecting me racing because of my street racing driving record. This was in the year 2004 and 2005. After all this I've learned my lesson though and now take it to the race tracks. In the long run street racing isn't worth it and it also endangers others.
the f is quicker in a stright line, but the M3 does handle better.. I own a 08 m3 coupe and its a total track car, it lacks the luxury ride the F has.. the problem with the f is the cornering and keeping the gear in the right position without drifting toom much.. with a manual tranny mike the m3 its alot easier to control this.. only if Lexus built a REAL manual it might be closer to match./
Speedjunkie, Do you still have your white ISF?
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