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08 Black 17.5k miles

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Here is my post from craigslist for a 2008 ISF with 17.5k miles.
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Please post more information about car to include price and contact info. I understand you don't have enough posts to upload pics yet, but just providing a hyperlink is not allowed per forum rules. We will be fexible, but blatant violations cannot be tolerated.

Sure, thanks for clarifying.

I'm selling for $45,800, the car has about 17550 miles on it, 2008 Obsidian Black. All the options except no parking sensors. Located in Minneapolis, MN.

Car is in great condition inside and out, all stock, no incidents. Stored for the winter, daily driver during the summers.

Latest maintenance was new brakes all around, about 1,000 miles ago. Original tires, probably need to be replaced in the next 3-5k miles. KBB prices around $47k, I'm selling at $45.8k to match a local Lexus dealer selling the same year and color but with 23k miles.
Decreasing price to $44,800, taking $1,000 off.
Trying to drum up interest, decreased price to $43,800. 2008, 17,600 miles, excellent condition. KBB and NADA list $47,000 retail price.
Now listed on eBay with a 10 day auction. Item #150664813529.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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