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  1. First Mod?
  2. Suspension
  3. Supercharger?
  4. IS-F Exhaust
  5. Brembo Brake Bedding
  6. Wheels and Tires for Racing
  7. Borla Exhaust
  8. Supercharger!
  9. Twin Turbo Set Up.
  10. Hennessey Motors sells their IS-F
  11. TT or s/c voiding warranty ?
  12. Top of the line radar detector feedback?
  13. ECU programing
  14. Understeer help
  15. Swift racing
  16. Turbo vs Super Charge
  17. Laser Jamming
  18. K&N drop in filter for intake?
  19. Oil Question, Synthetic or Not?
  20. will the seibon carbon fiber trunk fit the is-f
  21. Dyno at 3:00 today
  22. DIY Stock Intake Mod
  23. Completed R&D on PTS Dual Exhaust System Joe Z series & Joe Z Intake for IS-F
  24. intake
  25. Stock airbox detailed pics of trapdoor
  26. Artisan Performance Twin Turbo Kit SNEAK PEEK
  27. Any good intake systems for ISF?
  28. Greddy Supercharged F
  29. Amsoil Drop in filter...well sort of
  30. New Exhaust Tips
  31. Video - Twin-Turbo IS F Dyno Run
  32. Call me Crazy...
  33. Warranty Issue After Tune/Mods
  34. What bolt-ons showed up at SEMA?
  35. thinking a 100 shot of NOS
  36. anyone in to corsa
  37. When are Mods Going to Come Out???
  38. srt intake mod........
  39. My First Mod
  40. Greddy Exhaust
  41. Installation Thread: PTS Exhaust -Joe Z series for the IS-F w/pics
  42. custom quad exhaust vid and perhaps a screeching/slipping belt
  43. New K & N Air Intake For Is-f
  44. Japanese spec and US spec IS-F???
  45. Blitz throttle control
  46. Life Span on the Engine after Turbo or SC Kit
  47. voltphreaks light weight battery
  48. Just a simple exhaust question
  49. Eibach springs/GTSPEC Strut Tower Bar
  50. Tanabe Medalion Touring Exhaust for the IS-F
  51. royalmuffler
  52. BigMike's IS-F with Joe Z Intake
  53. does anyone think that alot of parts will be out for the Is-F?
  54. F Sport Parts
  55. Toms Linear Throttle Control Questions
  56. VIP Auto Salon
  57. Joe Z Performance Products
  58. Crank pulley
  59. TOMs LTS Installed!!!
  60. Exhaust and intake upgrade options
  61. F-Sport Sway Bar Kit Vs. F-Sport Rear Sway Bar
  62. Widest I can go
  63. Joe Z exhaust Install
  64. Just picked up an 08' IS-F!
  65. Another Twin Turbo IS F - Video
  66. Joe Z Intake installed!
  67. Some new pics...Joe Z intake & exhaust, and Tom's Linear Throttle Control
  68. Borla Exhaust
  69. JoeZ Exhaust arrives TODAY!!!!
  70. Tom's Air Filter insert
  71. I'm back from's mod time!!! Woot!!!!
  72. New K&n Intake Released Go On Their Web Site
  73. Octane 100
  74. joe z pts exhaust/ VIP auto"Clark"
  75. Tanabe mufflers on the F?
  76. K and N Typhoon air intake
  77. alignment numbers for tracks
  78. IS-F Twin Turbo Kit - Where to buy
  79. Tom's Throttle Control Unit
  80. Joe Z exhaust installed:)
  81. JoeZ Exhaust Installed
  82. k and n
  83. Any San Fran/San Jose owners with Joe Z exhaust??
  84. How Long Until Motor Is Broke In?
  85. K&N intake installed:) But my car got hit on the same day:(...
  86. Blew My Transmission
  87. Exhaust From SEMA
  88. F sport sway bars
  89. Isf Sound!!
  90. K&n intake vs. Joe Z intake
  91. K&N intake
  92. FIGS Ti exhaust dev thread.
  93. K&N intake Dynorun(Baseline vs Joe Z i/e vs K&N i/Joe Z exhaust)
  94. Ultimate IS-f
  95. Any new info about the possibility of a TRD supercharger for the IS-F?
  96. ISF Theoretical Top Speed
  97. supercharger
  98. BORLA exhaust
  99. battery and trans????
  100. custom Cam
  101. canada joez intake and toms drop in
  102. Great News for future MODS
  103. Custom Air Intake
  104. New exhaust option ISSForged "QES"
  105. Just ordered K&N Intake + Borla Catback
  106. lowest borla full system price? also, will it throw a code?
  107. ISF Exhaust from Royal Muffler
  108. Programmer/Tuner for intake, exhaust, TC
  109. Headers
  110. Edit: Wrong Forum
  111. K&N
  112. Future Mods from Hennessey for IS-F
  113. super charger or twin turbo
  114. I have custom exhaust
  115. My ISF Dyno
  116. newbie question on engine rev
  117. K&N Intake/PTS Exhaust
  118. K&N Intake VS Stock and Quarter Mile Test
  119. K&N Intake - Hot Air in Cabin
  120. Which Cat Back Exhaust is the best for the Is-f
  121. ISS Forged exhaust installed (pics and vids)
  122. 1/4 mile
  123. IS-F Dual Exhaust , No More Stacked!
  124. Twin Turbo IS-F failure averted
  125. Elite Autosport Single Turbo Kit
  126. ISS exhaust
  127. 552whp @7psi
  128. CARB legit exhaust setup
  129. Big Throttle
  130. Buying New Tires, Which Brand and what size should i get?
  131. Any isf over 552whp ?
  132. How do I put my ISF on a diet?
  133. Nitous IS-F Video!
  134. What does the ISF community need.
  135. Chips for the IS-F
  136. Turbo IS-F running 10.8
  137. ICODE Exhaust???
  138. GS-F with 464hp?
  139. Installing ISF exhaust to an is250
  140. Will the joe z exhaust void warranty?
  141. More intake options available soon
  142. PTS Carbon Fiber Exhaust Diffuser / Tips > First Look Installed
  143. Lowering Springs
  144. K&N 69-8703TS Air Intake Installed
  145. Door Locks
  146. Parts Research and Development
  147. Supercharger Options
  148. LSD>>>>Way too much spin
  149. Polished Upper Radiator Hose
  150. Elite/Dropout's Motor Build Thread!
  151. Removing OEM carbon filter?
  152. Elite Headers!
  153. Transmission Cooler Upgrade Kit!
  154. Ported Intake Manifold *NOW AVALIBLE*
  155. Cats Out?
  156. *************IS F 1000hp+ Connecting Rods*********
  157. Injen Intake
  158. D-Spec Throttle Controller
  159. has anyone used a MAHA dyno?
  160. Intake help!
  161. Want F-sport rear sway
  162. Elite headers are ready to fit!
  163. Custom Exhaust with Sound Clip
  164. Going back to STOCK... :(
  165. borla cat back exhaust
  166. Another Intake Option
  167. 10k to blow
  168. Best Mileage on a Full tank of Gas
  169. 100 octane or E-85
  170. Best Mileage on Tires ?
  171. Intake Poll
  172. throttle response problem,help
  173. Some info before it leaves!!!!
  174. warrenty concern
  175. IS-F with the new Vossen option!
  176. Elite 750+whp ISF Project!
  177. removing intake manifold
  178. My own intake testing.
  179. Takeda Intake Feedback
  180. Borla dual with x-pipe
  181. Here are some more mods with details
  182. Ticking noise
  183. Anyone interested in a Stroker kit?
  184. Splat's 402whp N/A ISF!
  185. TEIN Comfort Sport CST for ISF
  186. Joe Z exhaust info
  187. HKS HiperMAX III CLX
  188. Looking For A Nitrous Kit!
  189. Dyno Comparisons: K&N Typhoon Intake vs Stock vs DIY Flap Mod
  190. Sikky header dyno video
  191. Ask your water meth questions here by devilsown
  192. Gruppe M
  193. What to put in place of the spare tire?
  194. 60-160 In a Slow ISF
  195. ISF ECM Picture request, reflashing ROM needs
  196. Any group buys coming out soon?
  197. All Available Mods For The Isf
  198. Elite and Sikky back to back testing!!
  199. The process of perfection - your input desired
  200. Headers- More interior noise?
  201. Sikky headers to suit RHD
  202. fuel cutoff
  203. Eta?
  204. TPMS in Wheels for the race track?
  205. Intake Manifold Removal Instructions
  206. CEL light with new exhaust
  207. Enkei 18 X 9.5 PF01 for Time Trial
  208. Greddy...
  209. Reputable shops in the SF bay area to install headers
  210. Sikky + Secondary Cat / Muffler delete.
  211. Wheel spacers and OEM wheels
  212. Sikky ISF headers on bone stock ISF
  213. my car is 99.9 % sold CTS-V is coming ;O)
  214. battery in remote
  215. Sikky Headers installed
  216. look what i found`
  217. How Bad Of A Company SIKKY IS!!!
  218. K&N air intake for sale
  219. Intake Options: Pro's and Con's
  220. Lexus IS-F modifications and what you can typically expect
  221. TOM'S Throttle Controller help
  222. N20 Powered ISF'S
  223. Lotus and ISF
  224. PPE Engineering race header prototyping
  225. List of performance mods
  226. Stock IS F exhaust system, how much should I be able to get? I wanna sell :)
  227. First dyno
  228. Stock versus mods
  229. Cleaning toms filter
  230. New (10/2010) K&N Filter
  231. 2010 LSD fitted to 2008 ISF
  232. 2009 Lexus ISF, l tuned parts shop and JoeZ intake pipe
  233. ISF Muffler Delete VS Aftermarket Exhaust???
  234. Sikky headers and JoeZ exhaust
  235. Turbo?
  236. Hitting Rev Limiter with Mods in Auto
  237. Fijitsubo isF exhaust
  238. High flow cat results (Sikky headers/JoeZ exhaust)
  239. Breaks are in!
  240. ISF Cat and Resonator delete... Questions
  241. Takeda Retain Intake vs K&N Typhoon INtake
  242. ISSForged Exhaust System for my F
  243. NA Build
  244. Installed My Joe Z exhaust
  245. borla axel back exhaust and deleted cats
  246. Socal Header & Catback installation
  247. What aftermarket exhaust is the quietest?
  248. LOOK HERE! (Supercharger)
  249. Are there any ECU/Chip for the F?
  250. which is the best intake system for F